From London to Marrakech...

Alana and Will met amongst the bight lights and vibrant night life in New York. Effortless rock-and-roll candour surrounds them, and their understated and style and powerful connection made them a dream to capture. Their relationship was inspiring to witness. Both creative in the way they have chosen to make their way in the world, they have mutual respect and reverie that they encourage and inspire in each other.

I had the pleasure of capturing two ceremonies for these special ones that straddled two contrasting gatherings.  An intimate registy office wedding to get the formalities neatly arranged, and then a vibrant and bespoke blessing in at the stunning Riad Mena in Marrakech.

This dual apsect seems to be growing in popularity, especially when you are getting married abroad. It frees you up to get formalities taken care of, then allows you to interpret and grow the occasion in sunnier climes to suit your personality- creating very unique nuptial ceremony.

Tucked away near the hustle and bustle of the Medina is the exquisitely restored Riad Mena. A tranquil and contemporary morsel of Marrakech life, the Riad has been featured in many glossy travel magazines as a diamond amongst many rough and ready riads in the city. The wedding was planned by Philomena, the owner and hotelier, who imagined and pieced together this stunning and secluded sanctuary.

The enchanting Philomena knows the winding streets of Marrakech like the back of her hand and along with her companion, the charming ginger cat Fritzi, she makes you feel at home as soon as you cross the threshold of her Riad idyll. As a local of Marrakech she has a black book full of the brightest and most intriguing places to visit. She is closely connected to the top artisans that can turn any celebration in to an occassion you will never forget.


The heady scent of Morrocan roses filled the air and the the warm breeze carried the the call to prayer, soon after which the courtyard became the perfect ceremonial space to hold the blessing for Alana and Will. Tears, laughter and hand written words from the heart were shared in a touching and profound moment of matrimony.