The Moments in Between...


What a year it has been since Mandorla opened her doors last year!

I have been so inspired by the wonderful couples I have had the pleasure of working with in 2015. Time really does fly when your enjoying your work. Last year was a blur of opportunity, new horizons and wonderful new clients.

What I love about this work is that I never know where I will end up and I have been lucky enough to land in Morocco, Ibiza, France and some idyllic places in the English countryside too. I am always non stop, from the moment my feet hit the grounds of the wedding venue until the sun goes down - and the dance floor is full of the final flourishes of the festivities.

In amongst the hive of activity I adore finding those moments in between that bind the day together, because life is made up of so many small moments which are all equal parts of our beautiful journeys- the cake that holds the fruit together and when we can stop to savor these then we are living fully.  Here are some of my favourites; some postcards gathered from 2015's gorgeous wedding gatherings I was lucky enough to capture.

Stay tuned for more of the wonderful celebrations I have been lucky enough to photograph as over the next few weeks I will be sharing stories and images of some of the highlights of last year's portfolio. Until then, here are some of those moments in between that I would like to share with you.